Washington has many superb lawyers who receive calls from public figures needing representation in politically charged trials, congressional investigations, or hearings. Any selective listing is somewhat arbitrary, but the following lawyers clearly belong on it:* Robert S. Bennett was special counsel to the Senate Ethics Committee in the recent Keating Five investigation. He currently represents lawyers Clark Clifford and Robert Altman in the investigation into the BCCI banking scandal. * Brendan V. Sullivan Jr. represented Oliver North in both the congressional hearings on the Iran-contra affair and North's trial by independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh. After an appeals court reversed North's conviction, all charges against him were dropped. * Thomas C. Green represented Sen. Donald Riegle, one of the Keating Five, in the Senate Ethics Committee probe; Senator Riegle received only a light rebuke. Mr. Green also represented Gen. Richard Secord in the Iran-contra case and Robert Mardian, a Nixon Justice Department official, in Watergate. * Theodore B. Olson represents Jonathan Pollard, who is appealing his 1986 conviction for spying for Israel. He also represented Ronald Reagan in connection with subpoenas from the Iran-contra prosecutors. Mr. Olson, a former Reagan Justice Department official, was the target of a special prosecutor's investigation in 1986-89. No charges were brought against him. * Herbert J. Miller Jr. has represented Richard Nixon and members of the Kennedy family in litigation over the years. His partner Nathan Lewin represented Attorney General Edwin Meese 3d in his second independent counsel investigation, on the Wedtech scandal, in 1987; no charges were brought against Mr. Meese.

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