Looks vs. Value: Critics' Picks for Good and Bad Design

Does a product's look and feel add real value or mere glitz? Compare your likes and dislikes with some of the experts:

GOODMazda Miata - simple, classic two-seater reminiscent of the '50s Lexus SC 400 coupe - expresses motion even while at rest Gillette Sensor razor - simple, logical design Casablanca Stealth ceiling fan - halogen lighting, sleek styling GE Monogram modular cooktops - simple, easy to clean Herman Miller Relay Office Furniture - easily reconfigured Braun electric razors - practical yet beautiful Sony handicams - fits hand well, easy controls Apple Power Book Notebook Computers - smooth, lightweight, no corners

BAD 1991 Cadillac Seville - overstyled, outdated lines, boxy 1991 Chevrolet Caprice - too heavy, overblown featues, inefficient Most VCRs - too many confusing buttons Most cellular phones - buttons too small, displays unreadable Coach airline seats - misshaped cushions, ill-fitting armrests, unstable eating tables Dansk Porcelli Tea Kettle - hard to fill, hard to clean, better as flower vase Emerson Tri-star ceiling fan - clunky, mechanical look, doesn't move much air Jazz desk lamps by Pas - pricey, yet they feel like plastic toys

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