Israel's bargaining chips

In response to the opinion-page piece, "Why Israel Is in a Strong Position to Bargain," Nov. 6, I must agree that now is the best time for the Israelis to sit down at the bargaining table with their Arab foes. For example, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is stronger now than ever due to a more credible nuclear threat.The Gulf war has also drastically changed the region's balance of power. With the decline of the Soviet Union as a power in the region, the United States, Israel's key supporter, has filled the void. The US's prestige has soared mostly because of its decisive victory over Iraq. And Palestinian support for Iraq in the war has caused many moderate Arabs to shun the PLO. As of now, Israel holds most of the cards, so the time is ideal to sue for peace, or the Middle East may continue on a war-torn path. Patrick Klocek, Walnut Creek, Calif.

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