Do We Want a 'Lame Duck' Congress?

The article's author comments that some of the delegates to the 1787 constitutional convention supported term limits. But the fact is the Constitution they gave us does not contain term limitation provisions, so most of the delegates must not have favored them.Elected officials, even the congressional leadership, are just that - elected! The people can limit terms by the vote. Our Founding Fathers knew that an educated electorate could decide for themselves when an elected official had expired his usefulness. The author also presents the idea that congressmen will "concentrate on policy, not the demands of a career or the opinions of special interests" once they become lame ducks. While there are good statesmen, there are also self-serving politicians. Once these politicians are no longer held accountable for their actions, they will be more likely to engage in shady deals. Leo J. Krajewski, Lower Burrell, Pa.

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