Questioning the Moral Leadership of the Military

The opinion-page article "US Military Leads Society's March," Oct. 28, reminds me of a small boy worshiping his older brother who bullies those weaker than himself.As a Native American, I share with millions of my fellow Americans remorse, pain, and horror arising from the United States's role in the Gulf war. I do not share the author's feeling that it "brought the American people 'up close and personal' with their military. And the people liked what they saw." Praise of our military and its involvement in a war that many feel was without cause, and in which our forces attacked and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people, is appalling. Our military was not used for defense or for a noble cause. Its brilliant maneuvering, modern expertise, and fabulous monetary support from a nation fast becoming totally illiterate, was employed to destroy. Where is America's conscience? Mary Burg Whitcomb, Somerset, Calif.

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