SATURDAYMort Sahl Live (The Monitor Channel, 9-10 p.m.): If anyone can restore wit to television, it's probably Mort Sahl, the thinking person's humorist. In a medium searching for things to be funny about, he's one of our generation's best and brightest links to a great tradition of social-political satire - and has been ever since he started roasting names in the news at San Francisco's "hungri i" nightclub back in the '60s. The series premiering here, and airing the third Saturday of each month, will give Sah l's biting topical comments the kind of showcase they deserve, complete with live audience and 12-piece jazz group. SUNDAY Death on the Job (HBO, 10:30-11:30 p.m.): The safety of workers is being slighted - in jobs ranging from fishing to oil production - according to this tough-talking documentary, part of HBO's "America Undercover" series. To make its grim point about lack of employer responsibility, the show offers not only interviews and news footage, but also home videos.

MONDAY Teacher TV (The New Learning Channel, 8-9 p.m.): Not politicians or theorists but teachers - in action and in discussion groups - are the stars of this new series scheduled to begin in 1992. The magazine-style format is a teachers' sounding board for bright ideas and proven methods. Working premise: There's no "right" answer, but airing these reports from the front lines is a good way of learning what does and doesn't work in the classroom.

Please check local listings, especially on PBS.

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