Relaxation warning

Regarding the column "How to Avoid Kindergarten Burnout," Oct. 22: I saw a segment on CNN about school programs in "relaxation techniques," and I too object to such practices. The child on CNN actually demonstrated self-induction of a hypnotic trance."Relaxation techniques" are the same as inducing a light hypnotic trance state. Visualization, also discussed in the article, usually is associated with a slightly deeper trance state, but in a vulnerable patient - about 10 percent of adults and perhaps a higher number of children - it might accidentally induce a deep hypnotic trance state. As I physician, I can state that there are dangers in inducing such states, therefore I suggest that school boards ask advice from psychiatrists who use hypnosis before adding such curricula to their schools. N. K. O'Connor, M.D., Nanty Glo, Pa.

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