Remembering Saville Davis

Regarding the editorial "Saville Davis," Oct. 7: My memories of Saville R. Davis, who held many significant editorships during almost four decades with the Monitor, are totally heartwarming.As a teenager visiting Boston back in the 1940s, I had a keen interest in looking at the place where the Monitor was published. Somehow I was directed to Mr. Davis's desk. He took time out to take me around the newsroom and show me the people behind the bylines that were so familiar. After college, I remembered the warmth of his hospitality as I applied for a job at the Monitor - a job that would last 37 years. Mr. Davis was tall and lanky, and his stride was always purposeful, whether heading for an important conference or for lunch alone. What I remember most was his enthusiasm - for life, for journalism, and for the Monitor. He relished being part of a team of true professionals engaged in enlightening the world. Frederick H. Guidry, Ashland, Mass.

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