Readers Assess the Thomas Confirmation Hearings

Prof. Anita Hill was accused of suffering from delusional disorders and schizophrenia. Clearly, even today, if a woman brings up an uncomfortable issue such as sexual harassment, she is likely to be labeled "crazy" by both the accused and the public, even though there is no evidence.Why wasn't there more of a public outcry when Professor Hill was accused of insanity? Did anyone inquire if Clarence Thomas suffered from delusions, fantasies, or other so-called mental illnesses? Both men and women should be deeply offended by this line of thinking and by the White House's use of this smear tactic. President Bush's opinion seems to be that women who somehow misbehave should be discredited and then carted off to the asylum where their babblings will not be heard. I can only hope that we crazy, dangerous women will join together to defeat the politicians who have smeared us. Tara Waters, South Dartmouth, Mass.

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