'Klinghoffer' is a mockery of justice

Regarding the article "Klinghoffer Makes Profound Statement," Sept 10: Not only does the reviewer fail to confront the moral spinelessness of the opera "The Death of Klinghoffer," he praises this work, which other reviewers describe as "wishy-washy" and "distanced impartiality."Mozart sees no moral dilemma - Don Giovanni is damned. If the "Klinghoffer" librettist were rewriting "Don Giovanni," she would beautify the lecher as radical chic. Klinghoffer was no leader to be "assassinated." He was an American tourist who was murdered by Arab terrorists because he was a Jew. For decent, fair-minded people, there is no moral ambiguity. It was cold-blooded murder. Instead of presenting an opera to edify, the creators have given us a burlesque of the truth, a mockery of justice, a moral depravity. Seth Corey, Newton Centre, Mass.

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