Is Thomas Qualified for the Supreme Court?

Bush couldn't have been more Machiavellian in his choice of a Supreme Court nominee. Not only does Clarence Thomas need to be scrutinized, but so does the president who nominated him. As a candidate for the Senate, Bush opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and in his bid for the presidency gave us Willie Horton ads. As president, he vetoed the civil rights bill of 1990 and is opposed to legislation that would permit women and the disabled to collect punitive damages if they prove discrimination.Then there's Judge Thomas. Tragically, it appears that all Thomas has in common with Thurgood Marshall is his skin color. There's something frightening about a man who, in his blind ambition to climb to the top, ignored the rights and human suffering of his race, and who shows that he's willing to diligently work to push shut on minorities and women the doors that were opened to him by the bloodshed and efforts of others. There's something even more frightening about a president who would give him to us. Chris Niebrzydowski, Pittsburgh National Organization for Women

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