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MIDDLE EASTA UN inspection team will visit Iraq today to search for evidence of Baghdad's ability to produce biological weapons. Team leader David Huxsoll said helicopters would not be needed. Iraq has objected to UN use of helicopters in the country. Iraq yesterday accused the US of banging the drums of aggression by saying it was ready to move US Air Force units back to Saudi Arabia if needed to ensure that UN inspection of Iraqi weapons sites continues unimpeded (story, Page 1). Saudi Arabia has denied that thou sands of American troops were preparing to fly to bases in Saudi Arabia. US national security adviser Brent Scowcroft said Saudi Arabia's King Fahd had asked for and will receive Patriot missiles to boost the country's air defenses. UNITED STATES The Federal Reserve said the economic recovery remains "uneven" across the nation. The report is based on six weeks of economic information obtained before Sept. 9 (story, Page 4).... Sen. Bob Kerrey (D) of Nebraska has edged closer to entering the presidential race. He has set up a campaign committee and will disclose Sept. 30 whether he will be a candidate.... The US still plans to emphasize technical aid rather than outright food donations to the Soviet Union, according to Sen. Richard Lugar (R) of In diana. He had met on Capitol Hill with Agriculture Department officials and farm-state leaders. A fact-finding team, led by Agriculture Undersecretary Richard Crowder, returned late Tuesday from a 10-day inspection of Soviet food supplies and needs. Their report will not be released until it can be delivered to President Bush.... Hoping to break a political deadlock, key senators announced a bipartisan compromise on legislation that would guarantee workers unpaid leave in times of family emergencies. The co mpromise, led by Sen. Christopher Dodd (D) of Connecticut and Sen. Christopher Bond (R) of Missouri aims to soften corporate and White House opposition to earlier proposals by giving employers more flexibility and safeguards in implementing the policy.

LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir Bin Mohamad accused the US Wednesday in Mexico City of a double standard in forging a trade bloc with Mexico and Canada while seeking to block economic integration among East Asian nations. The US buys about 18 percent of Malaysia's goods, but Mohamad said access could be reduced under the planned free trade agreement between Mexico, the US, and Canada.... Colombians lodged more than 2,300 complaints against the Army and police in the last two years for human rights vio lations, including murders, disappearances, and torture. The attorney general's office, responsible for vetting complaints against public officials, said it received 622 complaints against soldiers and had taken disciplinary action against 61. Some 605 policemen were charged and 281 disciplined.

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