Mayors Hit Washington for Lack of Aid

STRAPPED for cash and troubled by drugs, crime, homelessness, and crumbling roads and bridges, America's cities are suffering because of the "callous indifference" of President Bush and Congress, say two prominent big-city mayors."This administration and the Congress have failed cities," Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson told NBC's "Meet the Press." "We are a nation of failing cities. And, therefore, we are a failing nation." Mr. Jackson and Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn, both Democrats, said cities are struggling with an array of serious urban problems and the neglect from Washington has been a major contributor to many of the problems. But Indianapolis Mayor William Hudnut (R) told "Meet the Press" that cities should deal with their woes without looking for handouts from the White House and Congress. The problems facing the cities will be solved "basically at the local level," Mayor Hudnut said. "We have to look to our own resources."

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