No sense in selling oil to Soviets

Thank you for the news item regarding the Soviet Union's interests in buying Alaskan oil, News Currents, Aug. 15.When we seemingly have a shortage of oil here in the US, how can the powers in Washington even consider selling some of this precious commodity to the world's largest oil producer? How could we be paid for this, when they have such a shortage of hard currency that they cannot buy necessities for their people? The Soviet Union has a large supply of oil, and it is well documented that they waste it to such an extent that it contaminates their countryside and the environment. Their oil is centrally located for distribution and has been a valuable item to sell for hard currency. We have fought a war in the Persian Gulf for a supply of oil, and now Washington wants to sell our much needed smaller supply to the major oil producer. It doesn't make sense. L. Freeland, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

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