* Among the more interesting documents to emerge from the coup are the notes of a Cabinet meeting held the evening of the first day, Aug. 19. The notes, taken by Environment Minister Nikolai Vorontsov, a non-Communist who opposed the coup, were distributed to the Soviet parliament on Aug. 26. Excerpts follow:"Prime Minister Valentin Pavlov: Are you ready to work under the conditions of a state of emergency? All resolutions we have adopted are not being fulfilled. How are you going to run your respective branches? Do you support the Emergency Committee: "K. Katushev, minister of foreign trade: The ministry employees have considered the situation and we fully support the state of emergency Committee. We are carrying out its orders. "Vladimir Orlov, minister of finance: We have organized work to be carried out under the state of emergency regime. We support the committee. Together with banks we have sent necessary telegrams to enterprises in the committee's support. "V. Sychev, chairman of State Committee on Standards: We agree with you. Our branch needs order. We have been waiting for such a step for a long time. "Deputy Premier Vladimir Shcherbakov: The economy should function regardless of the situation. We should transfer the economy to a state of emergency regime. There will be an embargo. We won't get imported materials. We should look for internal potential. As to where I stand vis-a-vis the Emergency Committee ... I will work honestly but will determine my personal stand later ... I support discipline, but we should not resort to methods of 1929 [the start of the first five-year plan]."

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