Selective outrage on human rights

The article "Kuwait Squeezes Out Palestinians," Aug. 2, convinces me that the world community is hypocritical. This article could not be more exact in describing the daily abuses endured by the Palestinians living in Kuwait, but it proves to me that America and the rest of the world do not care about the Palestinians at all.The Bush administration has turned its face from these abuses, yet is the first to criticize Israel whenever it mistreats Palestinians. Yes, Palestinians are often abused by Israelis, but why does the world ignore the abuses that Palestinians outside the Israeli territories endure? This is most prevalent in the United Nations, which repeatedly condemns Israeli for abusing Palestinians in the territories, yet chooses to ignore the abuses Palestinians receive in Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, and other parts of the Arab world, abuses which far outweigh any mistreatment the Palestinians receive from Israel. More action by Congress, the president, and the UN must be taken to acknowledge that this type of Arab-versus-Arab abuse is not acceptable. However, until the world condemns such abuse, it is unfair to take seriously the standards by which Israel is criticized. Joshua Goodman, Shaker Heights, Ohio

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