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Inkatha still deserves seat in negotiationsRegarding the opinion-page column "South Africa's 'Gatshagate Aug. 1: The recent revelations that the De Klerk government funded anti-sanctions rallies by Inkatha does not mean that the government has been negotiating in "bad faith." The current talks are aimed at creating a new, nonracial government, not at determining the government's policies on sanctions. Inkatha still deserves a seat at the negotiating table because it is South Africa's largest black organization, representing some 1.5 million people. The receipt of a small sum of money from the government does not change that fact. It is peculiar that the author does not question the ANC's right to sit at the negotiating table, even though the ANC's receipt of funds from the PLO, Libya, Cuba, and the Soviet Union is well documented. David Ridenour, Washington, The National Center for Public Policy Research

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