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ASIAPresident Corazon Aquino, under mounting pressure to allow a Philippine burial for the man she ousted, will lift the ban on the return of Ferdinand Marcos's remains before she steps down in 10 months.... Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu's Mongolian hosts displayed traditional horsemanship, archery, and wrestling yesterday in Ulan Bator. The visitor also had a brief meeting with "Genghis Khan," in the form of actor Enkhtaivan, who plays the founder of the Mongolian empire in a Japanese-Mongolian film to be released next year.... Taiwan's Council of Agriculture said yesterday that Taiwanese fishing boats had illegally engaged in driftnet fishing, and promised it would crack down on violators to avert threatened US economic sanctions.... China's best-known woman journalist, Dai Qing, has been denied permission to go to the US to take up a prestigious Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University, friends of the writer said on Tuesday.... A rose is a rose, even if it is blue? Never before. But that may change s oon. Australian researchers at the biotechnology company Calgene Pacific claimed a world first yesterday day in cracking the genetic code that creates blue pigment in flowers and said they expected to produce blue roses in two years.

EUROPE UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar said Tuesday in Geneva that he hoped UN peace plans to resolve the Western Sahara conflict would not be derailed by military activity. After a meeting with Moroccan Foreign Minister Abdullatif Filali, Mr. Perez de Cuellar said he was still targeting Sept. 6 as the date for a formal cease-fire.... Some 5,000 Bulgarian miners went on strike yesterday to press demands for a threefold pay increase and better working conditions.... The Soviet Union, the world's lar gest oil producer, is interested in buying Alaskan oil, Soviet officials said. The high-ranking delegation of Soviet and Russian republic officials spent Tuesday inspecting Prudhoe Bay, America's largest oil field on Alaska's Arctic coast.

JUSTICE A suspected Nazi war criminal facing charges in Australia's first war-crimes prosecution lost a legal battle in the nation's high court yesterday, and the case will proceed.... An Australian computer hacker and charged with 47 counts of breaking into military and space agency computers in the US, was ordered yesterday in Melbourne to stand trial.... Spanish police said yesterday they had arrested a 10-year-old boy in Madrid for alleged trafficking in cocaine and heroin.... The FBI arrested five members o f the Ku Klux Klan on civil rights conspiracy charges in the burning of nine wooden crosses in Shreveport, La., the US Justice Department said.... A federal judge has sentenced a second anti-abortion protest leader to jail in Wichita, Kan., on contempt-of-court charges for leading a group of children in an attempt to block cars from entering an abortion clinic (see story, Page 7).

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