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* A PAPER WEDDING -It's almost the same story that "Green Card" told, with a woman agreeing to marry an immigrant she's never met so he can legally remain in the country. This time the setting is French Canadian instead of American, however, and the husband is a Chilean political refugee who could face harsh consequences if his new marriage doesn't work out. Genevieve Bujold stars in the drama, which has been directed with impressive subtlety by Michel Brault. (Not rated) * TATIE DANIELLE - The heroine is a cranky old woman who seems to relish the worries and aggravations she inflicts on her hapless family. The plot begins and ends without much distinction, but gathers momentum for about a half-hour in the middle, when the title character hooks up with a young companion who turns out to be just as nasty as she is. Etienne Chatiliez directed the French production, which has poignant moments but goes mainly for sardonic laughs. (Not rated) * V. I. WARSHAWSKI - She's a private eye tracking down the scoundrels who killed her boyfriend, helped in her sleuthing by his obnoxious teenage daughter. Despite the talents of Kathleen Turner, the only purpose of this story is apparently to prove that a two-dimensional movie heroine can give and take punches as well as a two-dimensional movie hero. The point is proven, but who cares? Jeff Kanew directed. (Rated R)

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