Containing contingency fees

Congratulations on throwing down the gauntlet in "Quick-Draw McGraws Clog Courts," July 25. Well over 20 years ago the self-restraining custom that lawyers should not advertise was broken, and ads appeared showing attorneys holding newspaper headlines in their hands announcing $100,000 verdicts.The cause of excessive litigation is the existence of contingency fees. With the good intention of providing the poor with the tool for obtaining justice, our democratic system has in fact provided the accident-specialist law firms with tools of personal enrichment. It is immoral in my opinion that law firms are often allowed to obtain a third to a half of a judgment rendered in favor of an injured party. The Supreme Court has considered limits or vetoes on frivolous actions, but drastic measures to stop contingency ads and fees are needed to rescue the judicial system. Franz Schager, Locust Valley, NY

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