* Ideas, sometimes in conflict, are beginning to come forth as the United States gropes for solutions to the destroyed lives and killings that afflict so many Kenny Lees and their families [see main story] in the nation's inner cities. Among ideas offered at a recent hearing by the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs:* "I firmly believe that enduring solutions to the problems of the black community will be found within the black community," says Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Sullivan. "We must transform a culture of violence which defeats and destroys into a culture of character which uplifts and empowers." He calls for strengthened families and community institutions: "I also call upon the media to turn down the volume on irresponsible sex and reckless violence." * Americans must realize that black males are not all alike, says Robert Woodson, president of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise. He speaks of the "host of quiet heroes" in black neighborhoods who have lifted individuals out of drugs and crime, people with the courage and perseverance of Rosie Lee, Kenny's mother. "We must recognize and support these resources that are indigenous to their communities," he says. * "We need a viable, significant response," says the Rev. Bruce E. Mitchell Sr., pastor of the Mount Joy Baptist Church on Capitol Hill, who gave the principal eulogy at Mr. Lee's funeral. "There is a war going on, a war which is being fought in even the remotest places of our nation. And everyone is answerable.... "While this is a responsibility of every church, citizen, corporation, and government, it is also - it is first and foremost - the responsibility of the parents." * "A lot of people say the families should help, Ms. Lee says. "But there's only so much a family can do. More must be done by the judicial system, drug treatment programs, the young people themselves, and society at large."

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