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EUROPEUS and Soviet negotiators in Geneva yesterday put their marks of approval on a treaty cutting strategic nuclear arms, sealing nine years of work, before sending the pact to Moscow for signing by their presidents at the summit.... Four Yugoslav leaders left yesterday for a crisis meeting with the European Community in Brussels aimed at ending spiraling violence in the breakaway republic of Croatia. Community ministers were expected to agree to send EC representatives on a new trip to Yugoslavia and to ext end the mandate of 50 unarmed EC observers now in Slovenia to include the clashes in Croatia. MIDDLE EAST US Secretary of State James Baker III will return to Israel this week to try to break a deadlock over who should represent Palestinians at peace talks. But the Jewish state, which has hinted it would attend the talks, said it would not reply formally to Washington until assured no Palestinians from Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem or PLO members would take part.

UNITED STATES The US Conference of Mayors will urge New York Gov. Mario Cuomo to run for president in 1992, Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn says. Cuomo will give the keynote address at the conference's annual leadership meeting Aug. 9 in the Cape Cod town of Hyannis, Mass.... Former California Gov. Jerry Brown, encouraged by response to his populist message, may make a run for the White House, sources in California say.

JUSTICE Many of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon Tom Metzger's co-defendants are in prison. And if the prosecutor is successful, Metzger may also soon be behind bars. Metzger and three others went on trial in Los Angeles yesterday in a 1983 cross-burning case, facing felony charges of conspiracy to violate the municipal fire code and two misdemeanors. In the years since the incident, a number of defendants in the case have been prosecuted for other crimes; the prosecutions have hit hard at the white supremacy m ovement.... In Dublin, the captain of an Irish Republican Army gun-running ship, Adrian Hopkins, was given an eight-year jail sentence yesterday for trying to smuggle 150 tons of weapons into Ireland in 1987. The judge suspended five years of the sentence because Hopkins had been cooperative and had already spent time in custody.

LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN Nicaragua has seen big gains in human rights since the end of the nine-year civil war and the exit of the Sandinista government last year, reported the independent Nicaraguan Permanent Commission on Human Rights. The end of the war and the dismantling of such government agencies as the Office of State Security, which operated outside the law, helped make improvement possible, said the report.

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