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EUROPEMothers from all over Yugoslavia left Zagreb in a convoy of buses yesterday to bring their army conscript sons back from the fighting in Slovenia. "Make peace, agree, do anything you want, but don't let us end up like those Argentinian mothers...," one mother said. Local radio said the army commander in Slovenia and Croatia, Zivot Avramovic, met the mothers Wednesday and promised they could visit their sons.... Former Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze has decided to leave the Communist Party, h is spokesman said Thursday. Meanwhile, Soviet Communist leaders scheduled a Central Committee plenum for July 25 to debate the future of the Communist Party. They will debate the challenge from Shevardnadze, Moscow Mayor Gavriil Popov, and other democratic reformers intent on creating a new political party.... Britain has shelved attempts to bring peace to Northern Ireland, announcing the collapse of the face-to-face talks between Unionists and Republicans. UNITED STATES A federal judge in Los Angeles refused Wednesday to stop a hearing at which government regulators are seeking to have Charles Keating, the former head of the failed Lincoln Savings & Loan, barred from banking for life.... Fishermen in Alaska who harvest the world's largest red salmon run ended their strike late Wednesday after a pricing agreement with local processors, local television reported.

MIDDLE EAST The UN is sending more nuclear inspectors to Iraq next week to continue the search for arms-related materials.... Egypt yesterday outlined its proposals for Middle East arms control and demanded equal treatment for all states in the region, including Israel. The UN Security Council's five permanent members will consider the issue later this month.

OTHER WORLD NEWS The Extraditables, the feared hit squad of the Medellin cartel, said it was disbanding after Columbia ended the extradition of drug traffickers. A constitutional convention meeting in Bogata approved last Friday, in a required second-round vote, a clause banning the extradition of Colombian nationals to other countries.... China said yesterday it welcomes a meeting in Beijing July 16 and 17 - now reportedly under discussion by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - between rival Cambodia n leaders.... The Japanese perceive the US as posing more of a threat to their security than the Soviet Union, according to a poll by the Yomiuri newspaper. Twenty-four percent of the 3,000 respondents singled out the US as the biggest threat to Japan, while 22 percent named the Soviet Union.... Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific airline yesterday became the first Far East carrier to fly to South Africa in a further easing of Pretoria's isolation.

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