April 1984 - Antidrug Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara is assassinated.

December 1986 - Guillermo Cano, publisher of El Espectador, Bog'ota newspaper that led antidrug campaign, is murdered. President Belisario Bentancur Cuartas declares a state of siege.

February 1987 - Carlos Lehder Rivas becomes the first and only Medell'in cartel founder to be captured and extradited to the United States.

June 1987 - Colombia's Supreme Court declares unconstitutional the extradition of Colombians to the US.

August 1989 - Luis Carlos Galan, presidential candidate with hard-line antidrug stance is killed. President Virgilio Barco Vargas announces confiscation of traffickers' property and resumption of extradition.

Aug. 24, 1989 - The ``extraditables'' - a name chosen by the Medell'in cartel - declare war on government. Bombings, murders ensue.

December 1989 - Jos'e Gonzalo Rodr'iguez Gacha, a key Medell'in drug lord, is killed in police raid.

May 1990 - Medell'in cartel declares an end to bombings. Campaign of police killings begins. Hundreds of officers are killed in three months.

May 1990 - C'esar Gaviria Trujillo wins presidency.

September 1990 - President Gaviria offers leniency and no extradition to traffickers who surrender and confess.

December 1990 - Medell'in cartel's number two man, Fabio Ochoa V'asquez surrenders.

May 1991 - Priest, who spoke to Medell'in cartel leader Pablo Escobar, says Mr. Escobar will turn himself in soon.

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