SUNDAY The Tony Awards (CBS, 9-11 p.m., E.T.): The most civilized and probably least-viewed of TV's awards shows airs live from Broadway's Minskoff Theatre. In the 45th version of the theater's big night, co-hosts Julie Andrews and Jeremy Irons preside over a roster of stars with production numbers keyed to this year's theme: the musical. Among the candidates, eyes are on "Miss Saigon." For Best Play, it's a race between Neil Simon's "Lost in Yonkers" and "Six Degrees of Separation," by John Guare.


Confessions of a Hitler Youth (HBO, 10-10:30 p.m.): Its tabloid title belies this short documentary's serious-minded, revealing approach to an often sensationalized subject: Hitler's hold on German youth. Alfons Hecklook, now a middle-aged man, describes being sucked into the spirit of the Nazi movement as a 10-year-old - and explains why he was vulnerable to its virulent doctrines.

Rediscovering America (Discovery Channel, 9-10 p.m.): Impressive Indian architecture - sophisticated earthworks, massive pyramids - was already in place, and some of it already in ruins, when the New World was discovered. This documentary takes a gently contrarian tack in marking the 500th anniversary of Columbus's arrival. It links the legacy of these original structures to buildings created later by settlers.


Schwarzkopf (A&E cable, 8-9 p.m.): Taking the long view of the Gulf commander, this documentary puts the hero of the day - some say of the future - into the context of his life and career. His story is told through news clips and chats with people who have known Norman Schwarzkopf all his life.

Please check local listings, especially on PBS.

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