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ABORTION The Louisiana House of Representatives May 13 approved two bills outlawing abortions on demand. One bill would ban all abortions except to save the mother's life. The second would allow abortions for pregnant victims of rape and incest. Both bills mandate jail terms of up to 15 years for doctors who perform abortions.... A British court ruled May 13 that a 12-year-old girl should have an abortion against her mother's wishes. Anti-abortion campaigners immediately criti cized the court's decision.


Secretary of State James Baker III arrived in Amman, Jordan May 14 for talks with King Hussein in an effort to arrange a regional peace conference.... The British Defense Ministry said May 13 its marines exchanged fire with Iraqi soldiers near President Saddam Hussein's summer palace and a television report said two Iraqis might have been killed.... Angry Kurds stormed a police station in the northern Iraqi town of Zakho May 13 to protest against Saddam.


In Los Angeles, embattled Police Chief Daryl Gates was permanently reinstated May 13. Judge Ronald Sohigian overruled the Police Commission's decision to place the chief on 60-days leave following the police beating of a black motorist.... Timothy Ryan, director of the Office of Thrift Supervision, denied motions May 13 by former thrift mogul Charles H. Keating Jr. to dismiss restitution charges seeking more than $40 mil lion. Keating claimed that OTS lacked authority to take administrative enforcement action stemming from the collapse of Lincoln Savings and Loan.... Senate majority leader George Mitchell said May 13 he would introduce legislation to increase protection of freshwater lakes, including the elimination of the use of phosphates in detergent. The legislation would amend the Clean Water Act.... US and Canadian agents thwarted a salmon-poaching ring, arr esting two Americans on fish-smuggling charges May 13. The alleged conspiracy involved some 533 tons of chum and coho salmon caught illegally.


In Washington, American and Saudi officials met May 13 to discuss leasing or purchase of crude oil from Saudi Arabia to help fill the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve.... Dairy farmers had record cash receipts of $20.2 billion from milk sales last year, the government said May 13. The total was up 4 percent from the preceding year and reflected the high prices that prevailed in 1990. Farm-gate prices this year were projected to average 15 to 20 p ercent lower than last year.... The US government reported May 13 that production at the US factories, mines, and utilities rose in April for the first time in seven months.... Ford Motor Company said May 13 it is recalling more than a million 1984-85 and 1988-89 model cars and trucks to fix a variety of problems.

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