Where Does It Stop?

Affirmative action is raising tensions between minorities and whites at many US college campuses. Part 2 of 2.

THERE is a widespread belief among students that when you compete to get in here, you are not competing against the whole pool. You're competing against a pool of your own race and sex. [Whites] feel that they have to meet a higher standard. The reaction that a lot of whites have is probably similar to the reaction blacks have had throughout their lives....

Racial discrimination is a ... serious obstacle.... So race should be a factor. But I think economic factors are ... more important.

When did affirmative action change from a system to help the disadvantaged to a de facto quota system? Where does it stop? Why do we have to have a black dean of admissions [as some student activists insist] to admit blacks fairly to Georgetown? Why not Asian, Hispanic, Aleut? I'm more concerned about getting a good dean.

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