Children who receive a weekly allowance and those who don't actually collect the same amount each week from their parents. That's one finding of a national survey commissioned by Zillions: Consumer Report for Kids.

About half the respondents received a regular allowance. The median weekly allowance increased with age: $3 for nine- and 10-year-olds, and $5 for youngsters age 11 to 14.

Kids without allowances, the magazine notes, get cash from parents through handouts or as pay for odd jobs, by working for other people, or as gifts. Children with allowances add to their money in the same way.

Total weekly money received by both groups of youngsters added up to $5 for the nine- and 10-year-olds, $10 for 11- and 12-year-olds, and $15 for those age 13 or 14.

Most surveyed children, with or without allowances, had to do chores. If children with allowances failed to do their chores, slightly more than one in four found their allowance withheld.

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