Side With God

IT seems difficult to get along with everybody. And when we have to choose between conflicting viewpoints, don't we often find ourselves trying to figure out which side of the particular conflict God is on? But, in fact, God isn't on my side or yours, her side or theirs 209>the real question is, How can we side with God and yield to His government? There is really only one side to be on, and that's God's. We choose God's side when we're willing to yield to God's direction, when we're willing to listen to Him and to follow His leadings. Choosing God's side frees and heals us, even in the midst of conflicts. It may require us to take a strong position on one side or another. Or it may require us to take neither side. But whatever actions we take, understanding God's goodness and ever-presence encourages us to seek His guidance right away, especially during times of conflict.

But what can we do if we've always given in to others' opinions? If we've avoided disagreeing for fear of "making waves''? How can we develop the moral courage we need to side with God even when such a stand is unpopular? Through prayer. Praying to God shows us there is really only one Mind, one God. It opens the way to communication and brings forgiveness; it releases the disruptive pull of human emotions and enables us to rely completely on God, good, and on His directing.

I don't particularly enjoy being in the midst of a disagreement with others 209>who does? But when I unavoidably found myself in the middle of one recently, I was led to pray simply: "Father, please give me the courage to face this and not run away.'' I prayed for God's guidance; I prayed to have the humility and willingness to change my views if I was wrong; I prayed for the strength to obey God.

As I prayed, I realized that because God is Mind there are not many different minds with conflicting mortal opinions. There is only the one divine Mind, God. I came to understand that my duty as God's offspring was to listen to God and obey His direction. Taking the side of God blesses everyone involved. I did gain the spiritual and moral courage I needed to follow God's directing, and things were resolved harmoniously.

During times of conflict I often think of Christ Jesus and what the Bible tells us of how he lived his life. Jesus met even his betrayers with compassion and forgiveness. In all that Jesus did, he looked to God for guidance, protection, and strength. His life and works show us that to be on God's side is to be victorious.

Siding with God, good, means that we follow Him as far as we have learned to see and feel His guidance. In doing this, we humbly pray, in the words of the Lord's Prayer, "Thy will be done.'' When we are obedient to His direction, God provides the strength, the courage, the love, and the humility that are needed to carry out the appointed task.

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, writes in Miscellaneous Writings of the need to act in accord with God's law: "The ultimate of scientific research and attainment in divine Science is not an argument: it is not merely saying, but doing, the Word 209>demonstrating Truth 209>even as the fruits of watchfulness, prayer, struggles, tears, and triumph.'' And she continues in the next paragraph, speaking of God as Principle, "Obeying the divine Principle which you profess to understand and love, demonstrates Truth.''

Whenever conflict seems to be unavoidable we can ask ourselves, "Am I siding with God?'' When our answer is "Yes,'' we will feel the comfort and freedom which come from a more spiritual understanding of God and from choosing His side.

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