Films With Oscars To Their Credit

OSCAR night was more subdued than usual, with host Billy Crystal injecting some laughs into the evening, poking fun at Madonna - whose escort to the event was Michael Jackson - and at the serious images of the stars assembled. ``Dances With Wolves,'' Kevin Costner's epic western that redefined the film image of Native Americans on the plains, captured seven Oscars, more than any other film, at the 63rd Annual Academy Awards presentation, which was broadcast earlier this week.

Mr. Costner carried off two Oscars; personally winning as Best Director and as a producer of the film named Best Picture of the Year. Costner joins previous winners Woody Allen, Robert Redford, and Warren Beatty as actors who have directed themselves in Oscar-winning films and took home the Best Director Oscar.

Kathy Bates was named Best Actress for her role as a woman obsessed with a writer whom she holds hostage in her home in Stephen King's ``Misery.'' Jeremy Irons was named Best Actor for his wry performance as millionaire Klaus Von Bulow in ``Reversal of Fortune.''

Whoopi Goldberg took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in ``Ghost'' in which she plays the reluctant medium between Demi Moore's and Patrick Swayze's characters. Joe Pesci was the winner of Best Supporting Actor for his role as a New York hood in ``Goodfellas.''

IN other areas, ``Journey of Hope'' won its Swiss filmmakers Best Foreign Language Film; Best Original Screenplay went to Bruce Joel Rubin for ``Ghost''; ``Dances With Wolves'' garnered the Oscars for Best Screenplay Adaptation, Cinematography, Editing, Original Score, and Sound; the award for Art Direction was given to ``Dick Tracy''; the Oscar for Costume Design went to ``Cyrano de Bergerac''; The award for Makeup went to ``Dick Tracy.''

``American Dream,'' about a strike at a Midwestern meatpacking plant, won Best Documentary.

``Total Recall'' got special citation for Special Effects; Best Original Song went to Broadway songwriter Stephen Sondheim for ``Sooner or Later (I'll Always Get My Man)'' from ``Dick Tracy.'' Honorary Oscars were given to Myrna Loy and Sophia Loren.

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