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CADENCE - Thrown in the stockade, a white soldier tries to blend in with his new black roommates, and also struggles with the neurotic sergeant who's in charge of them all. Directed by Martin Sheen, the picture works hard to be socially and psychologically penetrating but doesn't quite make the grade. (Rated PG-13)

JU DOU - Desperate love and insane jealousy invade a Chinese household where a spirited young woman is trapped in a torturous marriage. The gifted Zhang Yi-mou directed this gripping and colorful drama, which mingles beauty and perversity in equal proportions. (Not rated)

KINDERGARTEN COP - Arnold Schwarzenegger and a bunch of cute five-year-olds, plus a nasty villain. This is ``high concept'' moviemaking at its most relentless, but it has a few chuckles, and Linda Hunt pulls off some fine moments in a small role. Ivan Reitman directed, by the numbers. (Rated PG-13)

REUNION - After living for many years in the United States, an aging man returns to his native Germany to confront ghosts of the Nazi past. Jerry Schatzberg directed this dull, dreary treatment of a theme that deserves much better. Harold Pinter wrote the screenplay. (Rated PG-13)

SONG OF THE EXILE - The relationship between an English-educated Hong Kong woman and her Japanese mother dominates this meditative drama, which moves through five countries from Manchuria to Britain over more than 30 years. Gently directed by Taiwanese filmmaker Ann Hui. (Not rated)

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