A weekly update of film releases HE SAID, SHE SAID - Two young journalists strike up a romance while writing side-by-side newspaper columns that never agree on anything. The movie has an interesting gimmick: Marisa Silver directed the woman's half of the tale and Ken Kwapis directed the man's portion. Unfortunately, both halves are contrived and tedious. (Rated PG-13)

THE HARD WAY - A pampered Hollywood star hangs around with a hard-boiled cop as research for a movie role, and both get mixed up with a demented killer. The film works hard to mix action-movie heroics with a spoof of movie-world life styles, but it doesn't work very well on either level. Directed by John Badham. (Rated R)

KING RALPH - King of England, that is, and just yesterday he was an ordinary American slob. Peter O'Toole gives a touch of class to what's otherwise a sloppy and ordinary farce. Written and directed by David S. Ward. (Rated PG)

OPEN DOORS - Sensitive, intelligently filmed Italian drama about a judge who struggles with his conscience and resists pressure for a vengeful death sentence while presiding over the trial of a brutal murderer. Gianni Amelio directed this probing, thoughtful examination of difficult human issues against the background of fascist Italy in the late 1930s. Gian Maria Volonte stars. (Not rated)

THE SLEAZY UNCLE - He's not all bad, as his affluent nephew discovers when the old man calls on him for help. Franco Brusati directed this boisterous comedy, which features a distinguished cast led by Vittorio Gassman and Giancarlo Giannini. (Not rated)

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