The Gulf: After the War. Turkey

ALTHOUGH domestic pressure prevented Turkey from sending troops, Ankara is banking on dividends from the country's immediate and active support of the coalition and its enforcement of the embargo against Iraq. US aircraft were also allowed to use Turkish bases for military operations inside Iraq. Turks feel they have gained considerable political sympathy in the West which should translate into support for security needs and the Cyprus problem. NATO allies have already sent more modern weapons. Ankara hopes for a more sympathetic ear from the European Community for Turkey's membership bid. President Turgut Ozal also believes Turkey will be able to play a more active political role in the Middle East.

Turkey's economic losses due to the crisis are estimated at about $5 billion, although so far the country has received free oil and soft loans totaling over $2 billion. The Turks, however, are pinning their hopes on more trade with the US as well as new business opportunities in the Arab world.

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