A weekly update of film releases

BLOOD IN THE FACE - An intelligently made documentary about neo-Nazis, members of the Ku Klux Klan, and other American bigots who take that label as a compliment. The film doesn't attack them directly, but lets them expose themselves through their own hate-filled words. The result is chilling, revealing, and disturbing. Conceived by James Ridgeway, who directed it with Anne Bohlen and Kevin Rafferty. (Not rated)

THE DOORS - The story of Jim Morrison, whose passion for excess led to stardom in the age of psychedelic rock and then to early death from causes related to his drug and alcohol abuse. Oliver Stone's film paints a reasonably complex portrait of Morrison's life and times. But only in the last half-hour does it move beyond easy mythologizing to suggest the anarchic depths of a man whose goal of radical self-liberation became snared in the insidious glamour of self-destruction. Val Kilmer leads an excellent cast, and Mr. Stone's filmmaking has never been more imaginative. (Rated R)

PRINCES IN EXILE - Dreary drama set in a summer camp for seriously ill teenagers. Giles Walker directed this sentimental and unedifying Canadian production. (Rated PG)

THE VANISHING - Dutch melodrama about the sudden disappearance of a young woman, the man who searches for her, and the psychopath who knows the answer to the mystery. The story doesn't make much sense by the time it's over, but it's awfully scary. Directed by George Sluizer. (Not rated)

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