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NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER - After years of marriage in the United States, an Iranian man kidnaps his American-born wife and daughter to his native country and won't let them leave. Directed by Brian Gilbert, who shamelessly exploits the personal monstrosity of the husband and the cultural ferment of contemporary Iran, filling the screen with motion-picture bigotry and xenophobia. Although it's based on real events, the result is less a human-interest drama than a crudely manipulative horror movie. (Rated PG-13)

PERFECTLY NORMAL - Comedy about the unexpected friendship of a young taxi driver and a food-loving opera fan. The hedonist is played by Robbie Coltrane with his usual energy, which lends some vigor to this very uneven Canadian production. Yves Simoneau directed. (Rated R)

THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - A young FBI trainee hunts a serial killer with advice from a sadistic murderer who's already behind bars. Jodie Foster gives a solid performance as the heroine and Anthony Hopkins is downright possessed as the demented psychiatrist who becomes her unlikely ally. Directed with extraordinary skill by Jonathan Demme, who makes the action consistently gripping. The film is as violent as it is scary, however, with an atmosphere of menace that makes its gruesome details all the more disturbing. (Rated R)

TOO MUCH SUN - Foolish comedy about mixed-up romances among men and women of various sexual orientations. Directed by Robert Downey, an erstwhile hipster whose sense of humor seems to have fallen on hard times. (Rated R)

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