Suspected leftist guerrillas in Peru lobbed dynamite at the Italian Embassy Wednesday, and toppled a marble bust of the late United States President John Kennedy in the latest attacks on allied targets in Peru since the Gulf war broke out. Assailants also exploded dynamite outside the private US-Peruvian Cultural Institute, causing slight damage to the building, police said.

Police speculated the three attacks were the work of leftist guerrillas, although neither of Peru's two active rebel groups claimed responsibility. Both groups, the Maoist Shining Path and the pro-Cuban Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, have denounced the allied bombings of Iraq.

No one was injured by any of the blasts, police said. The explosion broke the windows of nearby homes, as well as those of the Italian Embassy, which was closed at the time.

Gunshots were fired last week at the US Embassy in Lima and a US-Peruvian cultural institute in northern Peru was damaged by a bomb, police said.

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