Mary Esposito opens each show by shopping for ingredients on Ciao, Italia. She does a neat, straightforward job of teaching Italian cuisine on New Hampshire public TV.

Microwave Master Donovan Jon Fandre is entertaining, smooth, articulate, and expert as he produces delicious dishes with amazing speed.

Marian Morash, chef and food writer, transforms vegetables from bountiful harvests into delectable dishes with step-by-step cooking directions for a segment of The Victory Garden on PBS.

What's Cooking With Burt Wolf on Cable News Network offers recipes as well as nutritional information on food in chef Wolf's international cooking style, based on his travels around the world.

Chef John Folse cooks Cajun and Creole dishes such as Shrimp R'emoulade and butter beans and rice on his Taste of Louisiana series with scenes of Cajun community living on Louisiana Public Television.

Amish Cooking with Marcia Adams evokes a wholesome, country cuisine brightened by barn raisings, country weddings, and other activities from a nearly vanished way of life. Produced by WBGU, Bowling Green, Ohio.

Mike Galina, as the Travelin' Gourmet, visits exotic restaurants from far away and nearby for dishes like Algerian Meat Balls, Cajun Oyster Stew, Tunisian Kebabs, and Israeli Applecake. The show is seen on PBS stations.

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