A Lens Aimed At the World

1990. The World As We Saw It. A Pull-Out Section

IN 1990, five Monitor's photographers visited 18 countries and 25 US states, developed more than 1,500 rolls of film, and published more than 1,400 pictures in these pages. We've seen memorable images from the macro and micro news spots of the world. Always, the condition of the human spirit concerned us most. As our photographers worked, they tried to penetrate to the essence of the story - the tired hope of a people newly democratized in the USSR, the sheer thrill of rafting in Colorado, the faces of children in countries everywhere.

In a real sense, what we see, and by extension what we edit and publish, defines us. The world we report upon as news grows outward from individual identities, and our photographers deliver an inestimable gift in fixing those individuals in consciousness.

Who do we think we are? The Monitor chronicles an idea called mankind. On these four pages are a very few of the best pictures published in 1990, along with some of the personal reminiscences of the staff photographers who did the work.

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