A weekly update of film releases EDWARD SCISSORHANDS - He was made by an old inventor who died before the job was quite finished, leaving him with blades instead of fingers. Tim Burton's fantasy is more original than his previous film, ``Batman,'' and its colors make ``Dick Tracy'' look drab. Add wry dialogue and a mischievous critique of suburban life, and you have a diverting fable that doesn't quite live up to its quirky premise. (Rated PG-13)

HOME ALONE - The family rushed off to its European vacation without Kevin, and now our eight-year-old hero has to guard the house against a pair of bumbling burglars who want to pull off a Christmas Eve heist. Directed by the energetic Chris Columbus for writer/producer John Hughes, whose best pictures have tantalizing shreds of intelligence lurking below their aggressively childish exteriors. This one is gorgeously shot, and has enough good laughs and unexpected digressions to carry the tale past its dull spots. (Rated PG).

3 MEN AND A LITTLE LADY - The bachelor dads of ``3 Men and a Cradle'' are still coping with the little girl they've agreed to raise, and loving every minute of it. The comedy is as likable as the five-year-old heroine, but awfully shallow; the main accomplishment of director Emile Ardolino is to coax solid performances out of Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, and Steve Guttenberg, three stars who are usually pretty shallow themselves. (Rated PG).

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