The Russian Republic's Draft Constitution

A DRAFT constitution for the Russian Republic, designed to replace the Constitution adopted in 1978, was published last week. The draft language includes the following points: Sovereignty. The Russian Republic has a sovereign, democratic, social, and law-abiding government historically united with its people. It possesses the supreme authority over its territory and natural resources and independently determines and conducts both its internal and foreign affairs. Its laws are supreme on its own territory; the republic's sovereignty is inalienable.

Political pluralism. Democracy is realized in the Russian Republic through political and ideological variation. No ideology can form the official state ideology. The formation or activity of political parties is not permitted in state organs, the Army, and paramilitary groups.

Separation of power. The Russian government is founded on the principle of the division of legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

Economic rights. The basis for the economy of the Russian Republic is the market economy, combining free labor and the guarantee of social rights, respect for property, and an aspiration for public good, free enterprise, and economic competition. The right to own property both individually and collectively is guaranteed.

Joining the union. The Russian Republic can of its own free will join with other governments in a union under the guidelines of a treaty. In this case, part of its rights will be voluntarily delegated to the union to run common affairs, while keeping the right to participate in key decisions. The Russian Republic can at any time choose to leave the union.

General rights. No one can deprive a citizen of his rights or freedom, which belong to him at birth.

Raising an army. Military forces may be formed for the protection of the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Republic. The military forces of the Russian Republic consist of regular units formed using professional soldiers and a national guard. The doctrine, structure, and organization of the military forces will be determined in a Russian Republic law.

State of emergency. In the event of extraordinary circumstances, the president may declare a state of emergency on the whole territory, or specific parts.

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