Attracting Hispanics

TODAY, the competition for viewers among Spanish-language TV stations in the US has gotten fierce. Programming to attact these viewers goes well beyond the traditional imported melodramatic serials and novellas to entertainment and game shows and more programming made in the US. This year alone, for instance, Univision introduced ``Fama y Fortuna'' (``Fame and Fortune''), a clone of ``Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous;'' ``Cita con el Amor (``A Date with Love''), an Hispanic version of ``The Dating Game;'' and ``Cristina,'' a talk-show similar to Oprah Winfrey's.

Telemundo countered with an MTV-produced rock video program in Spanish and a variety of new game shows - ``Uno Nunca Sabe (``One Never Knows''), a ``Candid Camera''-style game show; ``Adivinelo con Senas (``Guess it with Signs''), a charades game; and ``La Feria de la Alegria (``The Fair of Happiness''), a variety and game show.

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