Israel Bans Palestinians From Entering Jerusalem

PALESTINIANS living in the occupied territories were prohibited from entering Jerusalem yesterday in an attempt by Israeli police to prevent further violence over the slaying of three Jews on Sunday by an Arab construction worker. Another Jewish man was stabbed and wounded yesterday. Israel Television said that 2,000 police had been deployed in the city, and that Palestinians would be searched before going to their jobs in Israel.

Report says Iraq has captured US missiles

The Washington Post reported Sunday that Iraqi military forces were learning how to operate sophisticated American Hawk antiaircraft missiles and radar that were captured when Iraq invaded Kuwait Aug. 2.

The Post said that the Iraqis had captured about 150 of the highly accurate missiles, and that they could pose a substantial threat to US and allied military aircraft in the Gulf.

Syria seeks peace

Syrian President Hafez al-Assad yesterday called for reconciliation in Lebanon following the overthrow of Christian leader Gen. Michel Aoun.

Lebanese President Elias Hrawi and Mr. Assad ended talks in Damascus Sunday on ways to extend Mr. Hrawi's authority over all Lebanon after a Syrian-led assault on the Christian enclave toppled General Aoun on Oct. 13.

Assad on Sunday expressed regret at the killing of Dany Chamoun, a prominent Christian leader allied to Aoun. Mr. Chamoun, his wife, and two young children were shot by masked gunmen in east Beirut early Sunday.

Saudi minister broaches concessions to Iraq

Saudi Arabia has suggested Kuwait could make territorial concessions to Iraq.

Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul Aziz said that Arab countries were ready to grant Iraq ``all its rights'' but added that they remained firm about Iraq's unconditional withdrawal from Kuwait.

Saudi Arabia ``sees no harm in any Arab country giving its Arab sister land, a site, or a position on the sea,'' the prince told Arab journalists in Riyadh on Sunday.

His remarks contrasted with Riyadh's previous harsh criticism of Iraq.

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