More than 650 military reservists have been called up since Saturday. The secretary of the Air Force has called:

709th Military Airlift Squadron, Dover Air Force Base, Del., to support C-5A transport planes, with 239 reservists.

312th Military Airlift Squadron, Travis Air Force Base, Calif., to support C-5A and C-5B transports, with 230 reservists.

The secretary of the Army has ordered 20 reservists to active duty, linguists from the 337th Military Intelligence Battalion.

The Navy has called 189 individual reservists to serve with various units that have been called to active duty, the Pentagon said.

Through Aug. 31, 8,871 reservists were called to active duty.

The Army called 4,292 reservists; the Navy, 2,584; the Air Force, 1,723; and the Coast Guard, 272.

In addition, Air National Guard units announced the pending departure of 100 members of Missouri's 139th Tactical Airlift Group, 60 members of Delaware's 166th Tactical Airlift Group, and 100 members of Rhode Island's 143rd Tactical Airlift Group to overseas bases to support the buildup in the Middle East.

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