A weekly update of film releases NAVY SEALS - Doing dangerous missions or whooping it up back home, the ones in this movie are a pretty dull crowd. Lewis Teague directed their predictable exploits. (Rated R) PUMP UP THE VOLUME - A high-school student sneaks his own broadcasts onto the radio airwaves, thrilling his peers but cruising toward a showdown with the authorities. The movie wants to be freethinking and provocative, but it's so conventionally written and directed that its intentions fizzle out. Written and directed by Allan Moyle. (Rated R)

SHADOWS IN PARADISE - The life and love of a sanitation worker, sensitively told by Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurism"aki, who expresses his usual sympathy for underdogs through a spare, finely wrought style. (Not rated)

HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A NEGRO WITHOUT GETTING TIRED - The bad-tasting title is meant to ridicule foolish thinking provoked by racial and sexual stereotypes. Behind it is an occasionally vulgar but thoughtfully made satire on race relations, focusing on a black man's bout with prejudice and stereotypes in a Canadian city. Unfortunately, the film's attitude toward women is not so enlightened, leaning perilously close to condescension at times. Directed by Jacques W. Benoit. (Not rated)

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