A weekly update of film releases ARIEL - Various movie styles bump against one another in this dark comedy about an unemployed miner who moves to the big city and meets unexpected adventures. Directed by the gifted Finnish filmmaker Aki Kuarism"aki, who stands with his brother Mika as one of Europe's most promising young cinematic talents. (Not rated) DICK TRACY - The ageless comic-book hero comes alive again, colorfully but not very surprisingly, in Warren Beatty's big-budget fantasy. Beatty's performance as the hero is so cold and distant that it significantly reduces the movie's appeal. Still, second-banana characters are played so well, especially by Al Pacino and Glenne Headly, that the movie picks up steam almost despite itself. (Rated PG) QUICK CHANGE - Holding up the bank is easy, but escaping from New York City with the loot is just about impossible. The story is silly, the language is vulgar, the view of urban life is ridiculously bleak. But the movie has hilarious moments, and that's the bottom line for any comedy. Directed by Howard Franklin, who wrote the screenplay, and Bill Murray, who plays the head crook. (Rated R)

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