A weekly update of film releases THE FRESHMAN - He just wants to study film at New York University, but he gets an offer he can't refuse: performing mysterious errands for an Italian-American gentleman who looks exactly like the godfather himself. It's fun to watch Marlon Brando parody one of his most justly celebrated roles and to see Bert Parks singing ``Maggie's Farm''; Matthew Broderick gives the comedy extra charm. The action sometimes gets bogged down in silly slapstick, though. Written and directed by Andrew Bergman. (Rated PG)

JETSONS: THE MOVIE - Forgettable fun about the futuristic cartoon family, with George in a new job and the whole gang in a new home. The story ends with a well-meaning lesson on saving the environment and caring about people who are different, but most of the picture has a strong and simplistic '50s flavor: All the women are housewives, and the good life is nothing but consumer goods and creature comforts. Directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in the stodgy limited-animation style they pioneered on television. (Rated G)

NO PICNIC - A young man searches for a mysterious woman in the run-down but ever charming East Village area of Manhattan, which cinematographer Peter Hutton captures to perfection. The performances, with David Brisbin in the lead, are just as rich. Phil Hartman wrote and directed the picture, which proves for the zillionth time that a low budget doesn't have to mean low quality. (Not rated)

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