John Taylor Gatto's Guide to Mis-Educating the Nation's Youths

1. Remove them from the business of the world until the time has passed to learn self-teaching. 2. Age-grade them so the past and future are made mute and irrelevant. 3. Take all religion out of their lives. 4. Remove all significant functions from their families and homes except that of ``dormitory.'' 5. Keep them under surveillance every minute from dawn to dusk. Give them no privacy. Record their behavior quantitatively. 6. Addict them to mechanical displays (television, etc.) as recreation and as learning. 7. In all free moments after schooling, tempt them with games and commercial entertainments that teach predetermined habits of response. 8. Pair the selling of merchandise with females in their prime child-bearing years so that the valences of love-making and mothering can be transferred intact to the goods vended. 9. Remove private ritual from their lives, particularly rituals of family dining and food preparation. 10. Keep both parents employed with strangers' business, or break families apart to prevent promiscuous intimacy with children.

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