The Post-Apartheid Economy

ANC Positions Economic growth should be based on a policy of rapid redistribution of wealth, income, and investment. The policy should be the product of political dialogue. Mines, banks, and monopoly industries should be nationalized. Privatization of parastatals should be halted and those already privatized should be reversed. Racial inequalities should be redressed. Housing, health, and education should be subsidized to improve living standards and productivity. Jobs should be created through labor-intensive industrial expansion. The state should intervene to direct redistribution of wealth, income, and investment. Government/business Positions Economic growth increased through deregulation, privatization, and promoting free-market mechanisms. Compromise possible on halting of privatization in return for ANC dropping of demands to nationalize banks and mines. Wealth should be redistributed primarily through wealth creation and export-oriented growth. State and private-sector funds and taxation should be used to redress inequalities in housing, health, and education. Sanctions and disinvestment should be scrapped to promote economic growth and attract investors. Economy should be diversified to lessen dependence on gold. Production should be expanded through industrialization and export-oriented growth.

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