A weekly update of film releases DR. CALIGARI - Not the great ``Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,'' a classic of silent cinema, but a surrealistic remake about a woman who runs an insane asylum next door to a toxic-waste dump. Sex, sleaze, and pop-art visuals are the order of the day. Marginal at best. Steven Sayadian directed. (Not rated)

CRAZY PEOPLE - Comedy about an advertising executive who goes to a mental hospital as a patient, and discovers that the inmates are better than the professionals when it comes to making effective ads. The story is foolish and vulgar, but some of the ads are hilarious. Tony Bill directed. (Rated R)

PRETTY WOMAN - A businessman hires a prostitute to keep him company, and their relationship grows more complicated by the minute. Some feel the story is a celebration of raw male power; others feel the woman grows inspiringly strong and mature as the movie progresses. There's truth to both positions, but the filmmaking tends to stress male privilege over female sensitivity. Directed by Garry Marshall. (Rated R)

NUNS ON THE RUN - Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane, two gifted comedians, play crooks hiding out in a convent. Not as original as the recent ``We're No Angels,'' which also had criminals disguised in religious garb, but energetically acted and reasonably amusing. Written and directed by Jonathan Lynn. (Rated PG-13)

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