THE CAUSES OF DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGE: EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH IN SOUTH INDIA by John C. Caldwell, et al., Madison, Wis.: University of Wisconsin Press, 1988 A fascinating study of changes in fertility, mortality, and marriage in South India based upon ethnographic and survey research.

VULNERABLE edited by John L. Palmer, et al., Washington, D.C.: The Urban Institute Press, 1988

A comparison of changes in the relative status of children and the elderly, mainly in the United States, over the past several decades, and the role of demographic and family change, government policy, and macro-economic forces in producing those changes.

WORLD POPULATION: APPROACHING THE YEAR 2000 Samuel H. Preston, editor, Annals of the American, Academy of Political and Social Science. Vol. 510., Newbury Park, Calif.:, Sage Publications, July 1990

A review of recent demographic changes in each of the world's major regions. Emphasis is on evaluating family systems and government programs as the sources of demographic change.

March 12: Sociologist Daniel Bell March 19: Economist Alice Rivlin March 26: Anthropologist Eric Wolf April 2: Political Scientist Thomas Ferguson April 9: Economist Murray Weidenbaum April 16: Sociologist Joyce Ladner April 30: Psychologist M.Brewster Smith May 7: Conclusion: The social sciences in the 21st century

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